What Is KHT?

Korean Hand Therapy (KHT) was discovered, developed and studied by acupuncturist Dr Tae Woo Yoo of South Korea in between 1971-1975. He investigated the close link between the hands and the brain and theorized that the hands represented the whole body.


Korean Hand Therapy is a clinically and scientifically tested system that is simple to learn and easy to perform without side effects. Pain or problems anywhere in your body are reflected on the hands in the form of tender points. Stimulation of these tender points on the hand results in rapid and dramatic pain relief in the body.


KHT is unique among micro-reflex systems because Dr. Yoo identified micro-meridians on the hands with specific points used for treatment, in addition to the reflex points that correspond to the body. This means KHT points on the hands can be stimulated in the same way body acupuncture points are used for treatments.


Today there are currently over 3 million practitioners in South Korea and the number of KHT practitioners worldwide is growing rapidly. Korean Hand Therapy is also known as Sooji Chim, Koryo Hand Acupuncture or Seo Geum Therapy.